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Content & SEO copywriting in the web design process

Copywriting for your Website

Copywriting is an important skill in website design and digital marketing for visitor engagement and call to actions. Also, search engine optimisation (SEO) and Local SEO relies on copywriting for search engine visibilty and to generate website traffic and leads. In short, website copywriting plays a vital role in any serious small business website strategy and comes as a standard with any website design package.

Why is website copywriting important?

Quality copy will make your website versatile, useful, worthwhile and interesting. It will also help your overall SEO strategy. A blend of flawless writing, creativity and SEO knowledge are key to a successful website. You can try it yourself, but a skilled, website copywriter will add value to your small business with a good copywriting strategy.

Do I contribute to the writing process?

Yes. You provide as much text as possible, which you feel is important to your website and relates to the main areas and unique selling points of your business. Also, links to key competitors and those you feel are well represented, and any keyword ideas or reports you have. This will all be used in the copywriting process of your website.

Content Copywriting

The first function of copywriting is to attract, engage and captivate your website visitors. People will want to know about you and your business, what it offers and why they should choose you over anybody else. Your copy needs to be informative, showing you are a reliable source and an authority in your industry, and by building this trust you are on your way to selling your service or product.

Ultimately, the goal of your website is to encourage visitors to become customers. Not only is communicating your unique selling points (USP) absolutely essential in content copywriting, but also the call to action (CTA) is key to website conversions. Basically. telling a visitor what they should do once they’ve finished on a page. i.e. click here, buy now, contact us, learm more, etc.

SEO Copywriting

The basic technique of SEO copywriting involves weaving keywords and phrases into your website content, to target search engine traffic for relevant search terms. Specific placement, formatting, links and many other factors contribute to any success. Google has 170 pages of "Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines", but there are no guarantees of positions in Google's organic listings.

SEO copywriting helps target customers with well-crafted and valuable content, written around and including specific keywords. While you can target as many keyword phrases as you want, a focused choice and approach should be guided by the relevant keyword and competitor research and analysis, along with consideration for the size of your website and its content.

Interested? ... Let's chat.

If you would like to discuss content and SEO copywriting, as part of a web design project or digital marketing strategy for your current website, please don't hesitate to get in touch. The website designer supplies a range of affordable web design services to small businesses in Worcestershire and throughout the UK.